Transportation app development

Transportation app development service

Let us fuel your logistics and transportation business with the best-in-class apps. You can automate your business management process with our custom web applications.

Transport application development solutions - What makes us different?

  • Practical fleet management solutions

  • Technologically advanced applications

  • Custom application for your logistics

  • On-time delivery of quality apps

  • Better communication with apps

We have a variety of Transport app development services

Logistics app design and development- We have a tailored solution

Transport and logistics sector is continuously struggling to generate higher revenues due to the stiff competition. To make your business profitable in this sector, you can launch a viable app. At Orbit Edge Tech, we have helped lots of clients in the logistics industry to grow their business. Our on-demand logistics app development services are available at a very reasonable rate.

As a leading transport app development company, we are successful to deliver premium quality logistics service platforms and websites. Our developers can launch robust and scalable apps related to logistics.

Logistics app design and development- We have a tailored solution

We make a holistic approach to simplify the process of app development for transport and logistics. Our developers are ready to overcome challenges and provide you with customized enterprise-grade applications. What’s more, we are highly stringent in checking the quality at every step of application development. Our budget-focused and client-oriented apps will enable you to reach your goals very easily.

Personalized Platform- Our developers create a customized backend architecture to manage customer data. You can manage your business from any device.

Streamline delivery and shipping- It is now easy to deal with more than transactions at a time.

Real-time notifications- Send email and SMS to your customers after collecting and delivering your goods.

Automation- Our integrations of third-party tools make your business process automated.

Quality apps for transportation businesses

We have the best app developers and industry leaders to leverage mobile technology advancements for your application development. From freight and shipping management to international transportation, everything becomes under your control.

Let’s Get Started

    In every app, you can find different panels for customers, drivers, and admin. A customer panel has a number of features-

    • Registration- Users can easily register using their social media account and phone numbers.
    • Shipment details- They can input their shipment information, including type, quantity, weight, and height.
    • Shipment tracking- Our app enables shippers to get real-time tracking data.
    • Payment modes- We integrate a number of payment models, including debit and credit card.
    • For driver panel, we focus on some other features- • Easy registration process with documentation • New shipment request alert • Acceptance and rejection of shipment request • Google map to know pickup and drop-off location • Job history to identify revenues
    • Admin dashboard includes special features- • A view of the important business details • Fleet and vehicle management details • Invoice management • Regular payment reports

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