Blockchain Solutions

Blockchain Solutions

Do you like to build applications with game-changing technology? Then, our blockchain solutions can be the perfect choice for your needs. The peer-to-peer, self-sustaining database functioning technology, blockchain, helps in recording and managing transactions.

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Know about the blockchain technology- Rely on Orbit Edge Tech

Known as Distributed Ledger Technology, blockchain has become the best option for application development. Technologies underlying blockchain are Bitcoin, Ripple, Ethereum, and several other cryptocurrencies. Blockchain refers to continuously growing and connected data blocks, secured by cryptography.

Orbit Edge Tech has earned a reputation for developing cost-effective blockchain services that can raise your business productivity. You will get highly secured and innovative platforms that cause no risk to your sensitive and confidential data. We have the most reliable blockchain developers to provide you with the desired solutions.

Blockchain application development- What features do we integrate?

Advanced matching engine-

The order matching process can become easy with our highly engineered matching engine. From partial order fulfilments to stop-limit orders, everything works with this engine.

Multi-currency compatibility-

With our blockchain software, users can make transactions with cryptocurrencies, like bitcoin, litecoin, and ethereum. We will design the engine in a way that easily adds more currencies.

FIAT Integration-

Our blockchain services provider builds versatile blockchain software that makes your FIAT currency transactions easier.

Real-time updates-

Our applications provide real-time notifications, and they can process more than 1000 transactions per second.

Safe design-

We offer highly secured platforms that let you manage your customers’ activities. You may also do functional logic tasks, including blockchain wallet, bitcoin, and cryptocurrency management.

Easy to customize-

Our blockchain development company designs customizable software that lets you integrate it into any third-party platform.

Best front-end design-

The front-end design provides you with an intuitive trading interface, depth charts, line charts, and technical indicators. We also integrate the fund systems with this front-end design.


Our blockchain development company creates a high-end architecture that automatically identifies the trading pattern.

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    Other blockchain development services from our company

    Security Token Offerings- These are the innovative ways to raise funds and have become the best alternative to the traditional IPO method. At Orbit Edge Tech, we know the details of asset tokenization. Moreover, we work with other professionals who help you in the STO qualification process.

    Smart Contract Auditing-

    We audit your smart contracts dealing with a tokenized crowdfunding campaign. Hire Blockchain developer to find bugs in smart contracts and apply different unit test cases.

    Blockchain wallets-

    Our blockchain wallets with push notification features, customizable UI, and two-factor authentication have become a reliable choice for businesses.

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