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The Experts at Orbit Edge Tech - What Makes The Difference

There is more than one tech company in the world that says they can solve IT problems. Some are big, some smaller. Some are good, and some are not so good.

There is more than one difference at Orbit Edge Tech.

Ongoing Analysis

A problem well stated is a problem half solved.

-Charles Kettering

  • Many a tech company has excellent solutions, but they lack the ability to really understand the problems they are solving. As a result, they develop websites that are not what the client imagined, create Enterprise Solutions that frustrate workflow or develop Apps that don’t engage the users.
  • Here at Orbit Edge Tech there is no shortcut when it comes to getting a full picture for what the project is. There are no “package deals” or “favourite services”. Every client receives a completely customised solution, based on their precise, unique needs.

Samples and Prototypes

Even with all of that up-front communication, the expert teams at Orbit Edge Tech take the time to create samples and prototypes of every project. Clients have the opportunity to visualise in more detail what they require.

Although the expert techs at Orbit Edge Tech are dealing with these solutions every day, often a client organisation is not required to deal with these issues on an ongoing basis. A more tangible sample or prototype makes the process more real, easier to visualise and assess the performance initially. Changes and improvements can be added at this point quickly and easily.

Commitment to Deadlines

At Orbit Edge Tech the end product is thoroughly tested and then delivered, well within the promised time frame. Empty promises for early deliveries are common enough in the industry, not with Orbit Edge Tech.

24/7 Tech Support

Technical experts at Orbit Edge Tech are available around the clock to work with clients on product training and tech support.

Budget Friendly

There are a lot of ways to cut an IT budget, but cutting the quality of the service is not a good idea when it comes to digital services. The team at Orbit Edge Tech offers the highest-quality products and services, meeting or exceeding all industry standards, while paying close attention to your budget.