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The team at Orbit Edge Tech is well-known for developing extraordinary user interfaces. In this high tech world, the UI/UX Design is important like a store front and location were in brick and mortar stores of the past. The customer experience is key to attracting new clients and keeping the ones you already have. Email campaigns, ads, promotions and every other way your customer touches you digitally defines how they respond to your efforts. Simple and user-friendly designs attract more customers to help you build your brand, increase visitors, solidify customer loyalty and ultimately improve revenue. Each design includes the key elements of:





Your UI/UX Design Completion

Every UI/UX is different, and yet each has exactly the same purpose. This is how you contact your customer and how they interact with you. Customers have high expectations for the online presence of the organisations they deal with now. The team at Orbit Edge Tech can develop an extraordinary user interface to engage your customers.

Research and Analysis

A full analysis is completed based on extensive previous research to determine your core target audience, and their interface expectations. A short explanation of your goals, client base and thoughts for the project and the expert team at Orbit Edge Tech takes it from there.


The expert team at Orbit Edge Tech will develop your story to connect you with your customers. Every step of the customer experience requires a deliberate, purposeful preplanned approach that initiates and maintains audience connections.


Nothing beats a pencil sketch to be able to visualise the final result more easily. Each UI design is sketched up for your approval before any coding is done, or any web pages are created. You will have several options to choose from, all based on the professional training and expertise of the team at Orbit Edge Tech.

Wireframe Design

A simple wireframe outline design is created without colour or images. This makes the UI easier to view in minute detail.