Social networking website development

Social networking website development services

Engage your potential customers, keep them entertained, and let them make the purchasing decision. Orbit Edge Tech is the reliable social networking app development company to help you come close to your customers.

Why do lots of brands need customized social media apps?

  • Hit the target audience

  • Easy to find relevant information

  • Promote brands easily

  • Connect with potential customers

  • Publish interesting and helpful content

Social networking solutions that fit your business

Social network app development- Consult with us to inform your needs

In the world of internet, social media apps have turned out to be the best destination for online users. As you launch a custom social network, you can connect your prospects very easily. At Orbit Edge Tech, we have a team of developers for social network app development services. We offer unmatched solutions based on your business needs. We can provide you with any type of social platform to help you in growing your business network and strengthening your brand credibility. Moreover, you can increase revenues and conversion rates by creating a social networking site. With the implementation of this social media app, you will find it easy to provide custom service.


Our services are not limited to
⦁ Social publishing website-We can create social media applications intended for micro-blogging and blogging purposes. Bloggers can create content and publish it easily.
⦁ Social media analytics tool- We build advanced analytical solutions to let you collect data from social networking sites.
⦁ Instant messaging apps- Let your customers send instant messages using their Android and iOS mobiles.
⦁ Video-based networks- You can create short promotional videos and post them on your custom social media.
⦁ Online polling- Your customers’ views are always important factors for the success of your business. We use geolocation technologies to help you in gathering the essential information about customers from different parts of the world.

Let’s Get Started

    Social media app developers using innovative tools-

    Our professionals use the latest tools and technologies to build your online social communities and social media apps-
    ⦁ Augmented Reality- Our professionals build social media apps that let you increase the customer engagement rate with AR camera effects and other interactive features.
    ⦁ Internet of Things- As we use IoT technologies, you can monitor activities on your social media. You may connect your IoT-enabled app with Smart devices and automate the social media posting schedules.
    ⦁ Chatbots- We strategically use AI to developintuitive and personalized solutions with tools, like virtual assistants and chatbots.Thus, there will be seamless interactions between brands and app users.
    ⦁ Based on the type of social apps, we integrate features-
    ⦁ Contest app- Contest creation, social media sharing, send invitations, and play with friends
    ⦁ Social games- In-app chatting, request gifts, and virtual teams
    ⦁ Quiz apps-Leaderboards, quiz levels, multiple categories, and real-time contest

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